Motor Vehicle

Titling a Vehicle

To title and register your new vehicle, you will need to submit to your resident county clerk the following:
-Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
-the new vehicle’s invoice and
-a copy of your current registration if transferring your license plate

To title and register a used vehicle, submit to your resident county clerk the following:
-a valid certificate of title properly assigned along with an Odometer Disclosure Statement, if applicable
-a copy of the current registration if transferring your license plate

Please note: You will need to provide proof of identification and proof of residency when titling and registering your vehicle.

Auto Dealer Information

If you sell more than five vehicles in a calendar year in Tennessee, you must have a dealer license.

Requirements to Apply for a Dealer License

-An approved building facility physically separate from all other buildings, with office furniture and a working telephone (cell or mobile phone not acceptable as primary line).
-A vehicle display area large enough to fit 15 vehicles.
-To meet the sign requirements of a minimum letter height (per ordinance), permanently installed, and visible from the road.
-A garage facility or a service agreement with a nearby garage.
-Certificate of Liability Insurance (minimum $300,000)
-Business tax license
-Sales tax identification number
-Personal and/or financial check disclosure
-Financial statement prepared by a CPA
-Zoning compliance
-Franchise agreement letter from the manufacturer
-Two-year surety bond
If applicable:
-Stockholders update
-City tax license
-Corporate charter
-Warranty rate form


-New vehicle dealer: $400, per line make
-Used vehicle dealer: $400
-New motorcycle dealer: $400, per line make
-Salesperson or change of employer endorsement: $35
-Motor vehicle show permit: $200
-RV dealer: $400
-Manufacturer, distributor, factory branch, or distributor branch: $1600
-Factory distributor representative: $400
-Auto Dismantler/Recycler: $400
-Automobile auction: $800
-All duplicate licenses: $25

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Handicap Plates/Placards

Handicap individuals must have form SF0953 completed by a physician to obtain plates or placard. If purchasing a plate, an individual has to be a registered handicapped person. Handicap license plates cost $29.00 plus applicable wheel tax. If an individual is permanently confined to a wheelchair, the plate is free. If a handicapped individual obtains plates, the placard is free. If no plate is purchased, the placard is $26.50, and it is renewable every two years for $3.